So, How’s Your Day Going?


I remember a day when my boys were about five and three years old. I was running errands and we were close to the end. That’s when my youngest had a meltdown in the store. Moms, you know the feeling. You can’t control it. You can’t stop it. All you can do is hurry up and get out of there. As we went through the checkout, my oldest son looked at the clerk and unprompted, he simply stated, “He’s having a bad day.” We all have bad days. But what do we do with that bad day? Do we have a tantrum? Do we take it out on those closest to us? Do we show the world that all is not right with the world? Or do we skip the pity party and seek God? We are called to lift up our heads, cast dismay aside and let God fill our hearts with joy in that bad day. Will we smile through the pain? Will we laugh through the tears? Can we hope despite the circumstances? Yes! It is possible with God.


Psalm 65:8

Those living far away fear your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy. 

Luke 1:27

For nothing is impossible with God.