Joy is Coming!


The Nativity

This nativity continues to be my favorite Christmas gift. My sister gave it to me years ago when our boys were still little. Every year, I find a place of prominence in our house for the scene of our Lord’s birth. Joy is coming and His name is Jesus!

I love the faces and am particularly drawn to Mary’s sweet expression. Perhaps, it is because I am a mother too. We have our dreams, wishes, and even expectations for the little ones we hold dear in our arms and hearts. I wonder if she could have imagined the extent of the joys and sorrows in being the mother of the Son of God. Scripture tells us that she pondered and treasured these things. (Luke 2:19: But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.)

May we ponder and treasure the birth of the Christ Child that still rocks the world today with His truth. May we cling to the salvation that came through God’s Son, a babe born in a manger. May we rejoice in our hearts that the baby boy grew up to be our Lord and Savior who willingly died for us.

Christmas is our piece of assurance that Jesus Christ is our assurance of peace. Joy is here!

Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


6 thoughts on “Joy is Coming!

    • Annie, Thank your for the Christmas blessings! You are one of those blessings as you teach, correct, encourage, and love on others. May 2016 be filled with fresh revelations of Jesus Christ in our lives!


    • Annie, I don’t know what to say. I don’t doubt your word. However, I don’t see any other evidence of hacking. I will keep a close watch now that we are back home again and the busyness of the holidays is past. Thanks for watching my back!


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