Give Me More Butter Please!


This post is dedicated to the doctors, nurses, and technicians that deal with cancer on a daily basis. Their wisdom, patience, and compassion for all the patients that cross their paths are an answer to prayer. 

Butter has played an ongoing role in my breast cancer journey. No, it is not the newest cure-all for cancer. Let me explain.

When I was well on my way to a recovery, I wanted to thank the doctors that diagnosed my cancer and helped me take those first steps on my cancer journey. I had already written my thank you cards, but I wanted to do something extra. I learned from the nurse that the radiologist’s favorite cookie was chocolate chip. I baked a batch and surprised the doctor with a plateful of chocolate chip cookies.

Later that day, my husband tasted my cookies and declared them “chocolate chip biscuits.” I was horrified. The cookies weren’t terrible, they just weren’t my best. I pondered my options. Do I let it slide? Do I try to make it right? Do I simply hope that the doctor doesn’t have discerning taste buds? Do I pray that the doctor quickly forgets my name and my cookies?

Being me with my perfectionistic tendencies, I couldn’t let it be. I had to make it right in the only way I knew how. I made a second batch of cookies. This time I used all butter. I didn’t mess around with half butter and half margarine, which was my mistake in the first place. Give me more butter please! Before I prepared that second plate for the doctor, I got my husband’s approval.

With a sheepish smile, I brought my favorite doctor a second plate of chocolate chip cookies along with an explanation and an apology. Now, every year when I get that yearly mammogram, I bring him cookies. His first question to me is always, “Have the cookies been taste-tested by your husband and the boys?” It has become our running joke.

One year, the doctor asked me to participate in a presentation he was giving to graduate students at a local university. The topic was on the patient-doctor relationship. I diligently prepared my thoughts to share and decided to conclude with chocolate chip cookies for the doctor and the entire class. Of course, he proceeded to share the story of that very first batch of chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t mind because our personal joke is one of the special connections that we share.

Who knew that an ever-learning cook and a radiologist could find a link between breast cancer and butter and still be laughing about it years later? The only reasonable answer is that God surprised me with unexpected joy in my breast cancer journey. Give me more butter please!

Habakkuk 1:5

“Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed.  For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

 Zechariah 9:12

Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners who still have hope! I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles. (NLT)




10 thoughts on “Give Me More Butter Please!

  1. I love this story! Isn’t it amazing how God can give us unexpected joy in connection with such trauma? What a treat for everyone (literally and figuratively) when they got to hear your story of the doctor / patient relationship! Unexpected joy for those young doctors.

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    • Donna… Surprisingly, the presentation wasn’t for doctors, but rather for master students in the business aspect of health care. (I can’t remember the specific degree.) These were the future business (and money) decision-makers in the healthcare and hospital environment. Part of the intent was to help them understand that their decisions needed to include the personal and the relational factors in their decisions.

      God gives us consistent joy, but I have to admit that I get the greatest delight (and best stories) in the unexpected joys!

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    • Ginene, You are right: compassion can’t be “taught,” but it can be learned. Life experiences (and age) can create more sensitivity towards others. (It did for me! I am certainly more caring and loving than I was as a teenager, for example.:) Those born with much compassion are truly special people.

      I remember one doctor consultation: he talked over my questions and kept repeating where he graduated from and who he knew. I did not go with this doctor for obvious reasons. It is back to the old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

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  2. Debbie we are alike, I cook for my Doctor and the receptionists too, their favorites are Carmel cookies and yes they have butter in them too but I’m sure yours would tasted much better because they have more significance and I’m sure the first batch did too and because they came from your heart they were indeed perfect.

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.


    • Annie, you are so sweet! But really my husband was right: they were more like biscuits with chocolate chips. And I wanted to give my doctor cookies!

      Giving my doctor cookies is also about conversation. We will sit and talk for as long as his schedule will allow (sometimes 5 minutes, other times 15 minutes.) We talk about more than just cancer. He is now working part-time and I know that someday soon he will retire. I will sorely miss him!


      • Wow Debbie I always thought you Americans called biscuits, cookies! so that is why I called them that but I mostly call them Bickies but it’s not really that important what we call them but some changes in words are a worry, like when they are changed in Scripture by Cults to deceive.

        My Doctor is a Christian and we have some wonderful talks too, he is a very good Doctor and very thorough, recently he discovered that my Lupus had disappeared after I was diagnosed with it 18 years ago.

        I still know for sure Debbie that you have a very Loving, caring Heart and I Thank God that our lives touched and if you made me biscuits or cookies I would feel very grateful that you cared enough to do so, even if they were Yuk!.

        Blessings – Annie.


        • Annie, truth be told, I had to Google “dongle” when you said that you had computer trouble. “Australian” English and “American” English have some differences! Our biscuits would be more like your scones. One thing we both clearly understand is who Jesus Christ is!!!!!!


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