Has God Interrupted Your Day Lately?


Flowers at the Door

It was a busy day for a Saturday. I was prepping for a meeting later that afternoon and finishing up a few things for a family get-together on Sunday. A change in Sunday plans meant additional tasks were added to my to-do list. My Saturday of leisure shifted into high gear for getting things done.

As usual, I overestimated my efficiency and underestimated the time necessary. Now, I was feeling stressed. That’s when the doorbell rang. Both my husband and I heard it as I looked at him and commented, “I don’t have time for this.” Surely, it was the dreaded salesman pitching windows, a roof, pest treatment plans, or lawn care. None of which I needed.

I begrudgingly opened the door to find a smiling delivery man with a beautiful flower arrangement. “Are you Debbie?” he asked as he held out flowers. I received the flowers, but I was confused. It wasn’t a holiday or a forgotten anniversary. Thankfully, no one had passed away. Why for me? And why now? The attached card explained that the flowers were a thank-you for my leadership in a Christian ministry.

God’s interruption in my day wasn’t intended to frustrate or stress me. The interruption was God’s reminder that I am loved by the body of Christ and my work for the kingdom is appreciated. God pours out blessings just because He delights in His children. The depth of God’s love can still take us by surprise. Oftentimes, those blessings come through others. I thought I was too busy for the interruption of God’s blessing.

How has God interrupted your day lately?

Psalm 21:6

Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.

John 1:16

From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. 



4 thoughts on “Has God Interrupted Your Day Lately?

  1. How uplifting for you, Debbie! Yes, the Lord certainly provides, often through His people, sweet surprises. Sometimes He has provided gifts I could never have imagined as a result of our service for Him. You certainly are a blessing to others so it is nice for those who know that about you to see this perk come your way.


    • Donna, I think the blessing was more about learning God’s lesson for me: persevere through the challenges of the day and embrace God at every opportunity. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in doing and accomplishing that I forget that my day is really about God! (I shared this post first with the ministry leader the day after I received the flowers, long before I posted here! :))


  2. Love your flowers Debbie and yes they are indeed a Loving response from the Body of Christ for your faithfulness in your Ministry… God Loves to Bless us.

    Recently when I was in Hospital, I also received a bunch of flowers from Kathy a friend in Sydney, they were beautiful but the Teddy Bear was missing, Kathy was upset and phoned the Florist, within a few days I received another bunch of flowers and the Teddy Bear and a box of Chocolates it was the Florists way of apologizing, amazing 2 Blessings out of one, yes I felt doubly blessed.

    Another heart touching gift from God I received in Hospital was after feeling the need to pray with someone but not being able to, I prayed quietly with tears, please God comfort me.

    Not long after Lilian, the woman in the bed across from me, who was waiting for her husband to take her home, I hadn’t talked to her because I had been too sick but she walked over to me and gave me a bunch of her flowers and said; “Anne, God Loves you and is with you,” I cried again but with Joy this time and than we Prayed together.

    Christian Love dear Debbie Always – Anne.


    • Annie, May God open our (spiritual) eyes to always see the blessings that He has for us. I love that your recent blessings involved flowers too!

      A long time ago, I heard that if we can’t physically do anything else, we can always pray. You prayed “quietly with tears.” That sounds like Romans 8:26: In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.” (In this case you had a physical weakness.)

      How beautiful that God still provided the opportunity (and another blessing) to pray with Lilian. I just love how our God works in our lives!


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