Garage Sale Wars


The garage sale wars begin even before we stick a sign in the yard and open the garage door.

I think my husband should clean out the garage. He thinks I should let go of my many boxes of memories. I think he overprices his stuff and underprices mine. Of course, he feels it is just the opposite. His philosophy is to simply put the stuff out and the people will come. My philosophy is to focus on the marketing and stage the stuff.

This year was no different. He made me re-price a tent. His rationale was that he didn’t care if it sold or not. I wanted to recycle his old engineering magazines before the garage sale. He insisted that I offer them as freebies instead.

My husband won the garage sale war this year. And I am glad for it. I was reminded of that familiar cliché, “Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.” He got his asking price for the tent. One of the last shoppers bought it for her friend, a young mother who planned to take her son camping. It was a good transition from so many fun and funny memories for our family to another family who will add new memories.

As for those magazines, they disappeared too. An older couple stopped by with their adult special needs child. Their child loves to turn pages and the glossy pages of the magazines will hold up to the love. I could see their child dancing in the car with excitement as my husband placed the box next to her.

“Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.” May I remember this point and expect this result for the next garage sale. I don’t even have to wait that long for it is a principle that applies to every day.


John 6:12

When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over.  Let nothing be wasted.”


8 thoughts on “Garage Sale Wars

  1. How lovely that you could bless others with “affordable” goods at your sale.

    The last time we had a garage sale, several years ago, one thing that I thought was a draw was a table brimming with men’s clothing. There was a wide variety of styles from casual to nice jeans and T-shirts to a business suit or two. The clothes were suitable for mature men like my husband and teenagers like my younger son.

    The clothes went almost completely untouched for hours. A wasted effort?

    Near the end of the day, a man stopped and said he was delighted to see all of those clothes! He volunteered for a Christian prison ministry in the town where I work and they really needed clothing to give to prisoners who were getting released into public life. I gave him the clothing.

    And, since his ministry was in the town where I work at a newspaper, I ended up writing a story about the ministry and connecting with him to put notices in the paper in the future. Truly, nothing is wasted.


    • Donna, I don’t make that much money at our garage sales. (I guess my cast offs aren’t worth that much!) I have to admit that I just have fun meeting people. This time I set out extra chairs and people sat down in them: people from the neighborhood that we met for the first time and a lady with back issues sat down and relaxed while her husband shopped.

      After the garage sale, I received e-mails about needs for binders at BSF and old jeans for Cancer Hope. Guess what didn’t sell at my garage sale… yep, binders and old jeans that I donated to a better cause than boxes in my garage! I love the story you shared as it is God’s way!


  2. An inspiring post that reminds us to not be wasteful. That there is always a use for things we no longer need, if not for ourselves, for others. I’m sadden when people throw food or leave in so much excess while other people could hardly eat 2-3 times a day. God’s blessings , we should always be thankful for. God bless.


    • Island Traveler, I agree that we should always be thankful… and try to bless others with what we have (or in the case of garage sales, what we no longer want to have!) Hope to see more posts from you. It must be a busy summer.


  3. Thanks Debbie for the reminder, I have always liked Garage Sales, what is one persons rubbish is another’s Treasure and as they say waste not want not.

    Alissa who has the Orphanage in Nepal use to support the Children by having Garage sales with donated second hand goods and Sausage Sizzels now she makes clothes and sells them at the Markets where it is like one big Garage sale.

    Christian Love – Anne.


    • Anne, There is another benefit of garage sales that support causes. The women’s group at a church (of my past) would hold a yearly garage sale to raise money for ministries throughout the year. All the behind-the-scenes work of the garage sale was a great opportunity to fellowship and get to know those ladies better. God has blessings in store for us as we bless others.

      The sausage sizzles sound interesting! I had to google to find out what they were. 🙂 Take care Dear Annie.


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