Odds and Ends of Life


I started with two blenders. After downsizing to our new home, I also downsized my blenders. I chose the best base and the best jar. And of course, I made sure the base and the jar fit together before donating the odds and ends.

The day came when I needed the blender. I assembled the components and pressed the button. I could hear the motor hum, but the blades didn’t turn. Although I could fit the jar and the base together, they weren’t meant to go together. It was never going to function as a blender.

To go from two blenders to no blenders was a dumb mistake. Then I was too cheap to buy a new blender that I need only once or twice a year. I hung onto the jar for it was a nice glass jar, but got rid of the base.

A year later and one thousand miles from home, my snowbird friend was selling a blender in her garage sale. It cost me one dollar. Come to find out, that blender was the same brand as my jar. The new base worked in perfect unity with the blender jar I kept.

I see the spiritual lessons in the ordinary so my blender mishap was par for the course.

  • Just because it feels right doesn’t mean it is right.
  • Patience exercised allows for God’s perfect timing.
  • Hope can make us appear crazy to those who don’t believe in hope.
  • God weaves the odds and ends in our life together for His glory.

I have a blender again. More importantly, I am reminded to never give up on God for the discombobulation in my life. For God loves to reward hope.

Psalm 65:5

You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas,





10 thoughts on “Odds and Ends of Life

    • Kathryneann… I have thought about smoothies as I do love fruit: fruit on my breakfast cereal, fruit salad and as a snack/dessert. See, I don’t even have to take that extra step to eat enough fruit. Now veggies, that’s a different story. I just can’t get excited about a green smoothie! 🙂 (Although, I have made hummus in my bender to dip veggies in!)

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        • Kathryneann, You are making a good argument. I am afraid that it is a mental block. Just like the store-bought fudge-striped cookies that I have avoided since childhood because I threw up one time after eating them. I know, I know, it is pathetic and I am admitting to it! 🙂

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  1. Wonderful words of Truth Debbie and I have had the same experience with Coffee Percolators, although I got the replacement one for nothing, yes it’s a lot older than the first one but it works great….Hmmm sounds like me but seriously I love being in my Senior years, yes my buttons are wearing out but the good news for me is; it takes longer to bring me to the boil and I no longer have doubts that I will finish the job.

    Blessings – Anne


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