The Case of Mistaken Identity


Last spring, I discovered a new-to-me flower bulb in our landscape: Glory of the Snow. (Click here for that post.) In my mind, a spring landscape plan took shape: sunny daffodils, striking tulips, blue Glory in the Snow contrasting with the white variety and delicate snowdrops.

As I continued working on the landscape throughout the summer, I was delighted to find more and more Glory of the Snow bulbs to transfer in the fall. These were set aside and preserved for later planting. I even shared bulbs with a gardening friend. In the fall, I prepared the beds, laid out the bulbs and patted down the dirt. It was worthwhile work knowing the joy it would bring the following spring.

With the warm fall weather, I got a sneak peek at what to expect. The bulbs pushed green stalks through the fertile dirt. But something was amiss: the green shoots were the wrong shape, the wrong texture and the wrong pattern. These imposters were tall and slender. Just like the wild onions I had been digging up all fall to banish from my landscape. I didn’t want to believe it, but the proof was staring me in the face. Less than ten percent of the bulbs I saved were Glory of the Snow. The bulbs looked the same. I had made the wild onions welcome in my landscape beds. I was fooled until they showed their true nature.

The Bible warns us about deceivers in the spiritual realm. Satan can and oftentimes does make something bad look good. Satan will entice us with what matters to us: appealing to our needs, our desires and ultimately our heart. It is easy to be fooled. We can make Satan feel welcome in our lives because we don’t recognize the lies. Eventually the truth will be revealed with the resulting fruit or lack thereof.

2 Corinthians 11:14

And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.


Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Against such things there is no law.


14 thoughts on “The Case of Mistaken Identity

  1. I agree Debbie as you will see from my last Post, what we need to remember is there is only one Truth and that’s God’s as confirmed in Scripture.

    I liked very much your real life Allegory and could relate to it’s Truth. It was good you noticed the difference with the bulbs but than your a gardener I would have just thought they were a different variety and accepted them as being this, which is much the same as those who welcome False teachers and accept them as Christians, including Pagans or those involved with the Occult etc, they do not understand the difference in what they are teaching and what God’s Truth is.

    I remember when I first started Blogging there was a woman who propagated the evil of the Occult, offering to tell the future of those who visited her Blog, she claimed to believe in God and that He had gifted her to do this. I wrote to her privately sharing my concern but never received a reply. Having once been involved in the Occult I know the danger it presents, I came to my senses before Satan took full control and I thank Jesus for rescuing me.

    I do not believe God wanted me to be involved with the Occult so I would know the danger and be able warn others but He is using it for good now.

    I do believe though that He lead me to a Ministry with Ex-cult Members, I found some but not all, were still very heavily indoctrinated with Cult teaching and were not seeking to know God’s Truth, these people have Blogs, write e-mails that are read by many , use YouTube etc and are also chosen in their Churches to lead Bible Studies and teach Children etc,

    Ministering to Atheists also gave me understanding to what their focus was, although upset at times by their mocking God and their abuse, I did encounter some who were not sure and so were willing to listen, God reveled to me when needed His Truth as I responded to them, the website blocked me in the end but I had planted good seeds that gave them doubts that God was not a reality which they seek to prove by propagating Evolution.

    Thank you again Debbie, I hope I don’t mix up the bulbs on your Power point, if you can help I would appreciate it perhaps with pictures that show the difference.

    Christian Love Always in Christ Jesus – Anne.


    • Anne, Wow… God is using you in big ways. Every time I hear from you, I learn of another ministry that God has placed on your heart. Your past pain is being used to bring joy, lasting joy from God, to others. I love your boldness for God (and I can learn, am learning, from your example!) Thank you. I will e-mail you some pictures. I can’t tell the difference between the bulbs laid out side by side. The difference is in what grows out of the bulbs. I’m still trying to discern between wild onions and Glory in the Snow in my landscape. The Glory in the Snow should be blooming by the end of April, so that is the real test! As for the PowerPoint, did you want pictures of Snowdrops and Glory in the Snow (two different flowers)?


      • Thanks Debbie but we still have the problem with recognizing the difference with the flowers, well at least for me. I remember Mum making me weed the garden for an hour when I had done something wrong, yes it was better than a belting but still yuk! so now although I love God’s creation of flowers, Trees, even grass, gardening is very much not my focus but yes their great to look at and create Power Point with and guess what Debbie when I do there are no weeds! someone must have been naughty. Lol

        Don’t rush, I have quiet a few Power Points to create but yes I would really appreciate your help.

        Confusion, now that is something I know a lot about even though I said to my Boss when I was 15 that I was very intelligent and knew everything, Wow, you can be sure I have done some pretty dumb things in my life for someone who was so intelligent , my Boss just looked at with with a funny smile that I realized later meant…”Baby you will learn and yes I am still learning!

        This is the same with God’s Truth, I will leave a link for you, I’m still learning but what I know now, I have no doubts about.


        You have a beautiful heart Debbie, I hope do don’t mind my asking what Church you go to?

        Blessings – Anne


        • Anne… I will pull together some pictures and e-mail to you in early May. I assume that jpeg files will work or do you need the pictures in a different format? Just let me know. I checked out your link and shared my thoughts (in response) in the comments. Thanks for sharing. I truly believe that as we are transparent in sharing our struggles, we can encourage others and point them to Jesus! The lessons we learn aren’t just for our benefit!

          As for the church question, let me share my history. While growing up, my parents attended a Christian Scientist church. I knew a lot about Mary Baker Eddy, but not much about Jesus Christ. Throughout college, I was definitely a seeker, but I didn’t know it was Jesus I was looking for. (There was a void that I tried to fill, sometimes with the wrong things.) After college, I attended a Methodist church, but really didn’t feel like I belonged, so I stopped going. After my kids were born, I felt the responsibility to get them in church. In reality, it was me that needed to be in church first. I attended a Disciples of Christ church for years with many fond memories (my baptism, first church I ever served in, etc.) Between life and moves, I have ended up at non-denominational churches (or independent Christian churches.) I did not purposely seek out these types of churches, but they ended up being the best fit for my family and I as I continued to grow in Christ.

          My biblical knowledge (still working on that area) was primarily shaped by Bible Study Fellowship (BSF.) BSF is a non-denominational, international Bible study, with classes even in Australia! When I started in 1994, I was blessed to be able to complete the 7 year (yes- 7 years with summers off!) program. My boys also attended until they reached 1st grade. (BSF is now a 9 year program.) The blessings from that decision in 1994 still overflow into my life daily. Before BSF, I knew very little doctrine, Bible stories or even the children songs like, “Jesus Loves Me” or “Trust and Obey.”

          I wish I would have become a Christian sooner. I would have had far fewer struggles. But the most important thing is that I know my future destiny: in heaven with Jesus Christ.

          Anne, I am so glad that we “connected” through our blogs and in the body of Christ!


        • Anne… So the wild onions are my penance! LOL I spent time outside yesterday doing -guess what- digging up more wild onions! I swear the onions are popping up in new places! 🙂


  2. The jpeg files will work great Debbie, thank you also for sharing your Church History, I believe in the Unity of The Body of Christ with Him as our Head and Teacher wherever we meet and whatever Country we live in, I’m pleased our lives touched too.

    Sorry Debbie, I’ve been praying earnestly for you to have onions and onions in abundance for your dinner but perhaps you have enough of them now but be assured, their not a penance, their a blessing Enjoy Lol

    Helpful- Annie.


    • Anne… No more being “helpful” in regards to the wild onions! 🙂 I did plant onion sets in a small (and controlled) raised bed garden. There will be onions for the dinner table!


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