The Statistics Don’t Lie


Starting this blog was to take a step out of my comfort zone.  I am having fun learning about and being a part of the blogosphere.  I am also humbled by the experience.  Did you know that you can track the statistics in great detail for a blog?  The number of followers, the number of views and implied, the lack thereof.  However, I decided early on that I was not going to pay a lot of attention to my blog statistics.  For I have always been more interested in the qualitative than the quantitative.  Many years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to quit my engineering job and be a full-time stay-at-home mom.  I didn’t change the world, but I was the biggest influence in the lives of two little boys. I am not a globe-trotter, but cards of encouragement that I have written have traveled far and wide. The qualitative starts with just one person that I can reach out to. The quantitative is good and absolutely necessary for sales and marketing. Regardless, I get the most excited about the individual and that one genuine connection. For that reason alone, I will always choose the qualitative over the quantitative.

Scripture Verses with a “Number” Emphasis:

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days, that we gain a heart of wisdom.


Matthew 10:30

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 


2 thoughts on “The Statistics Don’t Lie

  1. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world — not sure who said this.
    Abraham Lincoln is quoted (and I am paraphrasing) as saying that all he is and ever will be he owes to his angel mother.
    Having known you, Debbie, during those years that you were raising those two wonderful, brilliant boys, I am sure they would agree with Mr. Lincoln. You were and are so very devoted to them and if other children could be raised with that kind of influence, patience, support and sharing of the Lord, what a fine world this would be.
    I can attest to your cards of encouragement: one very recent, and one when MY Ben was born. We were in a Sunday school class together at the time. You sent a congratulations card at his birth and handwrote “Love the name.” Then a couple of years later, you got to use it with your own Ben.
    So glad that you are still influencing me and so many others.


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